The Punniest Story Ever?

Hopefully it’s not blasphemous to say this, but bless Bill Levin. Here’s a guy so committed to his cause that he got Willy Nelson to endorse a run for Indianapolis-Marion County Council a couple years ago. Never mind that he lost.

Now, of course, Levin is best known for another endeavor.

I don’t care how the lawsuit he’s filed turns out. I just want it to last as long as humanly possible. We’ve had some great fun thanks to Mr. Levin over the last couple days. Even our summer news intern Erica Gibson, who has a real talent for writing good headlines, came up with one:

Church Of Cannabis Has High Hopes For First Service Despite Police Backlash

I mused to IPBS Statehouse Correspondent Brandon Smith today that I really want Loretta Rush and her team to catch a whiff of this case. Just imagine the headlines!

State’s Highest Court Hears Cannabis Church Case

High Court To Decide If Pot Church’s Use Of RFRA Is Dope

High Court To Bill Levin: What Are You Smoking?

You get the idea. All I’m saying is that in a news landscape where so much conflict can get under a reporter’s skin and kill their buzz, this won’t be one of those stories. And for that I’m thankful.


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