The Story Behind The Story: My Talks With Amtrak

This is the kind of event this blog was designed for — DESTINED for, really.

I’ve spent a couple weeks working on a story about what’s REALLY behind the delay in handing over the Hoosier State Line Amtrak service to a new operator, Iowa Pacific Holdings. I did several hours worth of interviews, and eventually had to distill the piece down into feature-length form.

Though the story was not about blame, that inevitably crept into conversations I had with the Indiana Department of Transportation, local mayors, state lawmakers and the two principal actors, Amtrak and Iowa Pacific.

Here’s the interview from this story that will stay with me:

I don’t think I’m combative by nature, but when a journalist is pushed or is being treated poorly, I believe they have a right to push back.

I could never air this in its entirety on WBAA, but I wanted people to hear the kinds of interviews we’re subjected to sometimes.

As you listen to this, consider the issue of fairness. I have a responsibility to be fair to all parties involved in a story, but I also have a responsibility to write what my reportage tells me. Also consider whether you think an interview subject (especially one who used to work in public radio, as Marc Magliari did for many years) has a responsibility to try to be fair with the reporter who’s contacted them.


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