Vote WBAA This Fall

While I’ve run for minor offices before (like that Spanish Club election I once won by promising to bring donuts to every meeting), nothing compares to the responsibility of my current endeavor.

I’m running to represent Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio on the Radio-Television Digital News Association Board of Directors. You can read my candidate statement here by scrolling down to Region 7.

Both Indiana and public radio need more representation on the Board and more of a voice nationally. As commercial media contracts in many places, public media is picking up the slack and it should get a voice commensurate with that responsibility.

Also, this is a chance to strike a blow against all the terrible reporting practices that still survive from 100 years ago (which you’ll read about in my statement). We HAVE to do our jobs in a new, smarter and more efficient way and that’s why I’m running.

The voting is only open this weekend, and I’m up against a TV news director from Lansing, Michigan (the incumbent, who was on the fence about whether to even run again, just to give you a sense of his commitment).

As we say in the news biz, “More on this story as it develops.”


About Stan Jastrzebski

WBAA News Director, trivia aficionado, long-suffering Cub fan.

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