So Long And Thanks For All The Clicks

Last Tuesday, a funny thing happened to our web traffic counters. Here’s how it looked in Google Analytics:

Hamilton Clicks

See that vertical line that seems to come from nowhere? That’s because, in a normal hour, gets anywhere from 10 to 100 clicks. In the 3 p.m. hour last Tuesday, we got nearly 4,400.

Also, a normal hour might feature as many as 30 visitors to our site simultaneously. On Tuesday, we topped EIGHT HUNDRED at one time. Confused, we went to Twitter. And then it all made sense:

LMM Tweet

Note the web address that’s truncated in Mr. Miranda’s tweet. Through the magic (and vagaries) of search engine optimization, the composer of the wildly popular (and, as of last week, Grammy-winning) hip-hop musical “Hamilton” managed to find our posting of NPR’s story about the fact that one of the show’s songs opened the Grammy telecast.

By all rights, every one of these clicks belongs to NPR. But we’ve now gotten nearly 20,000 clicks we might never have gotten, thanks to one link on our site, reposted from a story on last Tuesday’s Morning Edition.

NPR social media guru Serri Graslie summed up this phenomenon nicely in one tweet:
SG Tweet

A happy accident, to be sure.


About Stan Jastrzebski

WBAA News Director, trivia aficionado, long-suffering Cub fan.

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  1. Just discovered this blog and added it to my Feedly. I will now see (whether or not I click through) every blog – a format I like better than Facebook and infinitely better than Twitter.


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