A Chance Meeting Years Ago

I can’t imagine he’ll remember this, but I met Indiana’s newest Supreme Court justice (in a totally non-journalistic context) years before he was appointed to the bench.

A few years ago, a friend was in an Indianapolis hospital undergoing treatment for cancer. I went to visit on a Saturday afternoon and, as we were talking, Geoff Slaughter happened in. I remember thinking he was bookish-looking (as you might expect for a lawyer) — tall, slim and wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

He was very cordial as we all spoke, and you always want to think your friends are getting visitors when they’re laid up for a while, so I appreciated that he’d taken the time to visit.

Turns out Slaughter knew our mutual friend from their time together at Indiana University, where they both wrote for the Indiana Daily Student. It seems both Justice Mark Massa and Justice Slaughter served on the IDS editorial board during their time at IU — so you budding Supreme Court justices take note: collegiate journalism can be your key to sitting on the bench in Indiana.

In the years since, Slaughter’s name had been considered several times — for open seats that eventually went to Loretta Rush and Steven David. Now he’s got one of his own.

About Stan Jastrzebski

WBAA News Director, trivia aficionado, long-suffering Cub fan.

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